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Rewards That Pay

What Is SHINE? SHINE Is A Cryptocurrency Available On The Waves Platform That Allows L&W Detailing To Connect With Our Customers In A New Way!

In Return For Using Our Service, Each Customer Will Earn SHINE. SHINE Can Be Used On The Waves Platform To Pay For Future Details Or  "Cash Out" By Selling Your SHINE For WAVES. 

 The Current Price of SHINE Is 0.98 WAVES.

The Current Price of 0.98 WAVES Is $1.00.

The Price of SHINE/WAVES May Vary + or - Due To Volume & Demand.


***Directions For Using/Trading SHINE***

1. Download The Waves Exchange App, Create an Account & Copy Your Wallet Address

2. Send Wallet Address To L&W Detailing To Collect Your SHINE.

(We Will Never Ask For Our SHINE Back)

3. List Your SHINE On The WAVES/SHINE Market For Market Price OR Hold Your Shine For Potential Profits From Increased Volume and Demand!

For "CASH OUT" Options Download Binance US -

Send Your WAVES From The Waves Exchange To Binance US & Sell Them For USD! 

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