What is included in a Full Detail?

Full Service Detail -

To start, we will get our air compressor to the right pressure before taking it through the vehicles vents, cup holders and any other small crevices we can find. After thoroughly going through the vehicle with our compressed air, we will follow up with a very detailed vacuum. (Before extracting the mats, it's usually worth it to go over them once or twice). After extracting the mats, we will clean any debris or stains off of the headliner before continuing with the rest of the vehicle. After completing the headliner, we will move onto extracting the seats to maximize our chances of removing all of the dirt. (This may not be required for all Full Details)

Removal of seats can sometimes be difficult, so we are sure to be extra careful when handling your vehicle. Once the desired seats have been removed, we are able to fully shampoo and restore your seats. Depending on the material, it is best to use an all purpose cleaner before testing other products on the vehicle. It is best to completely all purpose, wipe down and vacuum the vehicle before installing the seats back into place to make sure we get every detail.

After installing the seats back into place, we will make sure to shine the interior with a water based shine. Once the interior has been coated with a shine & protectant, we clean the windows with a premium auto glass cleaner before moving onto the exterior of the vehicle.

Ending our detail with an exterior wash & dry with a wax finish will ensure you will see the finished product before any dirt or grime reach the vehicle. We start by spraying the vehicle down with our pressure washer, following up with our premium foam on each panel. Hand wash each panel after foaming, rinse and repeat until the vehicle has been fully washed.

While we have the vehicle wet, it's nice to remove all extra grime by using a clay bar throughout the exterior. Using a fresh bucket of water and soap, remove the clay bar from the vehicle and give it one last rinse. We will then dry the vehicle using our shammy before applying our premium hand wax.

Tire Dressing - Using premium tire & rim cleaner, we will remove dirt and grime from the tire, rim and surrounding areas before applying a hot shine.

Apply Wax - Using an applicator pad, we will go panel by panel applying the wax evenly across the vehicle. Depending on the weather, it is best to leave wax sit for about 10 minutes before wiping the vehicle clean.

That Was A Full Detail With L&W Detailing,

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