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Clay Bar Treatment

Updated: Jun 4

Why Use a Clay Bar?

Clay Bar treatments are a necessity to receiving the ideal shine. Using a Clay Bar before applying a wax ensures the removal of water spots, brake dust, dirt and grit.

When used with a clay lubricant, these spots can be washed away with water, and do not damage the clear coat of a vehicle.

Clay Bars are abrasive, so it is important to note that using them on plastic, or chrome surfaces can cause damage. Clay Bars should only be used on the original paint of a vehicle.

How To Use a Clay Bar :

Thoroughly wash & dry your vehicle before applying lubricant to a small section of the paint. Using your finger tips, kneed the Clay Bar until it is pliable and gently press it against the section you applied the lubricant to earlier.

Rubbing the area in a back and forth motion, fold and kneed the Clay Bar to expose a clean surface before moving onto the next section. When you are finished, a quick wash & dry will leave your car with an optimal shine.

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If you're someone who likes to detail your own vehicle, here are a few clay lubricants we recommend using for a nice shine after a thorough wash. #ad

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